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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from Attendees

What if it rains on the scheduled GardenWalk days? GardenWalk Lakewood is a rain or shine event. What are the dates and the hours for GardenWalk 2024? The 2024 self-guided tours will be Saturday, July 20th. (More info to come!). What is the cost to tour the gardens? GardenWalk Lakewood is a free event for all! What should I consider bringing with me to the GardenWalk? Comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen and/or a hat, water, and in the case of a rainy forecast, an umbrella or waterproof outerwear. How will I know where the participating neighborhoods are located? Participating gardens will be posted on this website and our Facebook page in advance of the event. How will I know which gardens are open? Look for “GardenWalk Lakewood” signs in front yards. Each sign will be marked to indicate which parts of a particular garden are open to walkers, be it the front, side or back garden(s). Where can I find parking for the GardenWalk? There are no designated parking areas for the event. Please park in a legal on-street parking space or public parking lot. May I bring my dog on the GardenWalk? If the yard sign has a “no dogs” sticker on it, then the garden owner has requested that walkers not bring dogs onto their property. Please also respect the gardener's verbal requests on this matter. Please pick up after your pets on the walk as well!

Questions from Participating Gardens

Must I be in my garden during the event? We do not require that you be in your garden, or indeed even be at home during the event. We want to point out, however, that many of the gardeners who participated in other city garden walks reported they enjoyed meeting and discussing their gardens with the walkers. Other gardeners who were not in their gardens provided a guest book where walkers could leave comments. It’s entirely up to you to decide the degree to which you want to engage with the walkers. If I apply to have my garden included, how will my participation be confirmed? Someone from the GardenWalk Lakewood committee who has volunteered to be the “Garden Finder” for your neighborhood will review your application and will ensure that you receive confirmation. What should I do if I need to make a change to my application after I have submitted it? Please contact us at: and we would be happy to help. If I participate, how will I obtain a yard sign to show that my garden is on the GardenWalk? The volunteer “Garden Finder” for your neighborhood will ensure that you have a sign before the event. Must I provide refreshments or restroom access to the walkers? You do not have to provide anything! Thank you for sharing your gardens with our community. Attendees will bring their own refreshments if needed and can stop into local businesses to use the restrooms if needed.

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